Brands Reputation

With sites like Amazon, Yelp, ConsumerAffairs and Travel Advisor, these customer driven sights have opinions and experiences with products, services, businesses and destinations. Some of these sights are like the Consumer Reports of ten years ago that allow people to see if they find enough positive experiences by others before investing their own money.

These sites are gaining a lot of credibility and should also be watched by a brand to insure that their products or services are doing well with the public. Public relations companies and reputation management companies often oversee these sites for their clients in an effort to insure the reputation of these companies is not being seen unfavorably. This kind of monitoring can also bring to attention changes that need to be made by a brand. Some of these sites can be seen as a powerful tool for giving customers what they truly want.

If ten different people write that a restaurant has the worse bread they ever tasted, it’s fair to say that a restaurant will want to change their bread vendor. Once the bread has been changed a restaurant can send a press release or post a newsletter on their facebook page announcing that they heard their customers, the new bread is in and come in to try it. Nothing makes the public happier than thinking their contribution was heard.

Maintaining a brand’s reputation with so much customer feedback can seem overwhelming. The important fact is that there is no one that is capable of making everyone 100% satisfied. The goal with reputation marketing is to be true to the goal of the brand and to insure that you are valuing the public opinion. There is nothing better than constructive criticism and growing from it. The internet is most certainly a powerful tool that can offer quite a lot of growth to a brand with it’s close interaction with the masses. Reputation management is imperative for a brand to insure that what they want the public to see and know about them has a lot to do with their ability to monitor and contribute to a positive public image. Internet marketing and public relations are incredibly important for a brand to succeed in today’s social media climate.