Blogging for a Company

Blogging is another fantastic tool for reputation management as well as marketing. Blogging is a sort of conversation that is written about a certain topic. Some blogs are about travelling, cooking, cleaning, fashion, and really just about any topic you think of. Some blogs are so well followed by the public it would be advantageous for companies that may have products related to a blog to advertise within that blog. Bloggers are always looking to make money from their blogs and like nothing more than a company looking to advertise their product on their blog. It’s a win-win for both the blogger and the company. A blog is a great way to put out information on a company or individual that sets them in a positive light.

Viral marketing is an interesting phenomenon and maybe even a little harder to figure out it’s impact. Going viral is creating a buzz about a video or ad campaign that stirs up the public and the video gets tons of hits. Let’s say a company comes up with a hilarious video with their product and everyone is talking about it the following day and more and more people are viewing it, well you’ve just gone viral. Going viral is a magically fierce way to quickly get your name out in the public however, knowing what the public is going to find that interesting can be a lot more difficult than anyone thinks. Viral marketing is a little more hit and miss. Going viral for positive reasons can really set a brand in a good light.

Businesses that do their business on the internet are referred to as e:commerce sites. A good example of e:commerce is Amazon. Amazon sells just about anything you’re looking for strictly on the internet. A company can get a lot of information from Amazon on their products from these sites. Most e:commerce sites offer customers the opportunity to comment about their experience with the product. From ratings to comments about the product itself, it’s a form of finding what the customer thinks of a product. This is much different than the customer card or survey people would take a decade ago.

Facebook is another one of those websites that sits in millions of people’s homes, whether on home computers or smart phones. Facebook is a social networking tool that allows people to keep in touch with friends in another country or state, or really even right next door. On Facebook people share photos, comments, friends, and anything else they feel like on any given day. One of the options that is a great reputation manager is the checking in feature.

If it’s a restaurant, or a store it’s important for companies to keep themselves on the check-in feature. This allows customers to go to the store on the check in feature and let their group of friends know where they are and how great their experience is. An example of a post will show how much of an opportunity this is for a store or restaurant; “Bob is eating the best crab legs … Sam’s Crab Shack.” If someone on Bob’s facebook is looking for crabs, he can see Bob’s post and head to the same place. A lot of companies have their own facebook pages advertising their brand. Because it is possible to make a page on facebook for just about anything, a company should absolutely research whether their name is being used without their permission first. A simple report to facebook can have illegitimate pages removed. Once a page on facebook for a brand is created the posts that brand makes public is controlled by them.