Public Relations

One of the jobs a public relations firm would take on is to help shape how an individual or company is perceived by the public. In this role the PR firm would make it their job to handle what kinds of public events the person or company was involved with. Ten years ago this was an easier task before social media took over. Now it’s not only PR firms but also reputation management companies that work directly with social media outlets to manage how their clients are viewed and seen. Check out a brilliant reputation management company at BrightPast.

Celebrities for one have several different sources of advertising themselves and getting their name relevant in social media. There is facebook, instagram, twitter, and snapchat to name just a few. Usually when a celebrity hires a PR firm or reputation management company they realize the scope of keeping ahead of these sights is more than they can handle alone. So in steps the staff assigned to this case.

Content_PR_Aufgaben_in_der_UnternehmenskommunikationThe old adage for celebrity is that any publicity is good publicity as it keeps the public aware of them. However, with social media it is possible to not only keep a celebrity’s name out in the public but to an extent how it is brought out into the public can be controlled. Some companies can and will put out press releases that can announce when a celebrity is doing something good.


What’s important is to understand how social media works and why its important to be as involved as possible maintaining a good public image. Companies and individuals have worked incredibly hard to get their name out into the public. Years of hard work have afforded them the celebrity or the knowledge of their product to be popular in the public. It’s frightening to say that bad reviews of a product or negative comments about a celebrity can adversely affect their brand.

Google is the search engine that is used a majority of the time to do a search on a brand. When a person types in the name and hits search all relevant sites most looked at will come up first. A company that manages a brand’s reputation will insure that these are the sites that give a positive view of the brand. It’s imperative that a brand is aware of the importance of positive sites and customer or fan feedback.